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Juggle Dream 8 Foot Nylon Bull Whip.

Nylon has some distinct advantages over leather. It is waterproof , plus Nylon whips are easier on the pocket than an equivalent leather version.

This Bull Whip offers great performance on a budget and is an excellent option for those looking to improve their whip cracking. The 8 foot JD Nylon Bull whip is ideal for intermediate to experienced users. Although the 8-foot version can generate some truly awesome cracks, we recommend the 6' Bullwhip for beginners & smaller users as they are easier to handle than the 8's.
The main advantage of Nylon whips is their resistance to moisture and humidity.This means you so you don’t have to worry about using the whip in the wet. With Nylon whips, the outer layer is constructed from Para cord so they also require much less care and maintenance than their leather counterparts

N.B this not a toy! These are real Whips and can cause serious injuries. Please use appropriate eye protection for training and use only in a safe open space, well away from other people.

Construction and specification...

The Juggle Dream Nylon Bull whip is the classic American Western whip. It consists of four sections. A handle, thong, fall and a cracker.

The Handle - With Bull whips, the thong is connected directly in line with the handle. The handle on JD Bull whips is internally weighted (with a steel rod) to counter balance thong, making the whip very responsive and easier to crack.

The Thong - The main portion of the whip's length is made up of a braided body or thong. The material, number of plaits and internal construction of the thong are all important factors in the performance of the whip. All JD Nylon Bull Whips use a thong made from 12 plaits of Para cord, overlaid around a sealed leather bolster layer and central plaited core.

The Fall - At the tapered end of the thong is the fall. The fall is a single flexible piece of leather or Nylon between 10 and 30 inches in length. This part will need to be replaced from time to time as it wears.

The Cracker - Finally, tied to the very end of the fall, is an even more flexible piece of nylon cord - the cracker. This is the part of the whip which actually produces the sonic crack as it passes the speed of sound. This part wears out under all that stress so it will need to be replaced periodically.

SKU: WHI-010
Brand: Juggle Dream
Weight: 600g

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