We're feeling adventurous at jugglingwholesale.com. We want to push things forward, try new things, taste new foods, throw a frisbee further than anyone else...good job we're now a wholesaler for Aerobie, USA - manufacturers of some of the best flying toys in the world. The 13" Pro Ring is also the furthest thrown frisbee...ever! It even holds the Guiness World Record. Inbetween trying to smash that record and more relaxed games of frisbee, we've taken up playing with man (and woman)'s best friend. The Dogobie and Squidgie ball are soft on teeth, tough and comfortable to throw. Now if only we could teach animals to pass some clubs with us...

We're also happy to announce that after a little break, we've got adult Spiral poi back in stock in lots of nice colours. Same quality poi toy, same great bag and (most importantly) same great price.

Back in stock too are the popular Juggle Dream Hula Hoops with one of the best price breaks around - buy 2 bundles and get a fiver off! These are weighted nicely, come in some cool colour ways and the perfect way to encourage fitness, coordination and general gyration. 

Well we're off to the park to see what other flying discs, footballs and rockets we can throw at each other. See you there?