Wow, the world of skill toys and circus just got busier didn't it? To make life a little easier we thought it worth reminding everyone that we are still delivering within 24 working hours in the UK and pretty quickly everywhere else! We've got fantastic prices on our full acrylic range and have some exciting new offers on Kendamas. And to prove that we're not slacking off, we've just introduced a full range of slacklines to our website, the peak of which is the new maverick line - built for competetions and showing off, it is super tough and built for all kinds of balance antics. Expect these to take off in popularity alongside the current slacklining craze. Oh, and it's the Souther Regional yo-yo competion this Saturday in our home town - Toy shops in the South of England should keep an eye on their yo-yo sales.  As always, drop us a line if there's anything we can do to help or if you just want to chat about how good the new sil-x balls are.