With Summer well and truly upon us, we're happy to announce the launch of some exciting new lines on www.jugglingwholesale.com. We have expanded our range of Duncan Toys to include a variety of the metal bodied models currently being used by their worldwide pro-team. If you're interested in offering premium yo-yo models at the cutting edge of performance, materials and design look no further than the Orbital, Pandamonium and Barracuda.

Our V-Cube catalogue has been expanded to include a variety of the fun V-Collections series, which pay tribute to master artists of the past, wildlife from around the world and some of the craziest puzzle combinations we've seen. Have a look at our full range here. We also took delivery of the 9 x 9 Pillow - a truly amazing piece of engineering and design - a must for any fans of complicated puzzles!

Flype is a fun new addition to our Summer catalogue also. Each Flype Pod contains a set of 3 Flypes - specially crafted pieces of plastic which spin on your finger tip as if by magic. With hundreds of tricks to learn and a pocket-moeny price point, these are ideal impulse purchase items. Have a look at our video mounted CDUs which really allow the range to come alive in your store. 

Qualatex did professional balloon modellers around the world a favour this month with the release of the Q-Pak. These smart little bags hold your favourite 260Q selections upright and easily accessible - perfect for the working balloon artist. Priced competetively and still the same fantastic, latex balloons.