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Welcome to JugglingWholesale.com! We are the distributors of over 27 different manufacturers of Juggling Equipment and supply circus toys and props to trade customers around the globe. As the wholesale arm of Europe's original juggling shop, we have well over twenty years experience supplying professional jugglers, circus workshops, circuses, schools and juggling retailers. From practice gear to professional quality props, we've got a broad range of balls, clubs, diabolos, yo-yos, frisbees, foot bags, unicycles, poi, fire and LED equipment. As well as distributing our own range of juggling products, we source props worldwide from top manufacturers to bring our customers the best in quality, performance and value. We're a friendly team who can always be contacted. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Holidays Are Coming

Yup, it is most certainly that time of year again. The team at www.jugglingwholesale.com have pushed to make sure we're fully stocked for your Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Rush, Boxing Day Sale bonanza! Already we can see that this Christmas is going to be all about diabolos this year. It seems like almost every day that we're being impressed by both youngsters and adults pushing the skill toy in to uncharted territories. Whether their starting on a classic fixed axle model like the Juggle Dream Jester or shredding on one of the advanced bearing system axle diabolos like the Hurricane, there seems to be a model for every style, age and ability. Pair them up with a variety of wooden, superglass, aluminium or carbon sticks and you have the ultimate Christmas deal bundle. 

Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean that the brands we represent rest on their laurels. We have a wondeful selection of new Gora products for advanced fire spinners - advanced engineering and beautiful designs are all present and correct. Play Juggling have given us their latest esoteric stage balls like the Sil-X LIGHT and the MMX3

We're also proud to now represent Snazaroo and their kaleidoscopic range of paints, brushes and specialist kits - perfect for fancy dress parties and the performer in your life. 

www.Jugglingwholesale.com is also proud to present the Neo Flower Stick from Juggle Dream. The circus world has been aching for an affordable, entry level flower stick for quite some time. The Neo comes with capped, silicone control sticks, poppin' colours and a retail price tag to keep Mums and Dads happy this year. 

You may also be interested in swinging past our sister company website - www.rollingwholesale.com - what those guys don't know about skateboards and longboards isn't worth knowing. They're the first (and only) people in the world to have the new Havana Complete range - performance boards at killer prices, well worth exploring if you're considering jumping on the longboard craze. 

Remember  to keep an eye on this blog for our delivery deadlines, both international and domestic - updfates coming soon. 

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